The British branch of the International Takemusu AIkido Federation was created in 2014 and it is the only officially recognised branch of the international body in Great Britain. ITAF - GB are members of the British Combat Association.

Our origins lie with the senior members of Takemusu Aikido Intercontinental including Pierre Chassang Shihan and Philippe Voarino Shihan and draws inspiration and teaching from these great teachers and their teachers: Tadashi Abe, Nobuyoshi Tamura and Morihiro Saito.

ITAF GB remains true to the teaching, spirit and beliefs of the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei and seeks to practice faithfully the Aikido created by him when the art reached its most achieved expression between 1940 and 1960.

Aikido (translating from the Japanese as “Way of Energy Harmony” is a Japanese martial way. It is a relatively modern art, but its roots are in the martial schools of feudal Japan and the Samurai. In ITAF GB we study Aikido as a practical, efficient and effective discipline.

We respect and preserve the methodology and pedagogy of Ueshiba O’Sensei’s Aikido incorporating the three fields of study: the sword, the spear and the empty-hand. As well as the complete system of Ri-Ai we focus on the foundation elements and principles of Aikido with the practice of technique and forms used merely as a vehicle to aid and cultivate this understanding.

Our Technical Advisors are Philippe Voarino and Francois Chidiac who are both direct students of Morihiro Saito. Morihiro Saito Shihan who was the founder’s longest serving student and was awarded the title of Shihan (Master Teacher) by him.

The Principal & Founder of ITAF-GB is Jeff W Goodwin Sensei who commenced his study of Aikido and Aikibudo in late 1993 and first studied with Philippe Voarino in 1995 becoming a direct student of his in 2014. ITAF-GB has a Council of Senior Aikido Teachers including Paul Kesrouany, Paul Schreiner and Leslie Lewis Sensei as well as Philippe Voarino & Francois Chidiac Shihan who sit on the Council as Technical Advisors.

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